Managing Chronic Pain

Older people are always complaining about pain. Itís just a part of aging Ė right? Actually, wrong. Chronic pain may be common, but it is not a ďnormalĒ part of aging and it should be addressed. Chronic pain causes difficulty with daily function and sleep and can even lead to depression. Long standing pain can …

Managing Chronic Pain

Menís Health Week June 11 Ė 17

This past Sunday marked the end of†Canadian Menís Health Week†which encouraged men throughout Canada to start talking openly about health care. The Menís Health Foundation reports that 72% of Canadian men are living unhealthy lifestyles. Poor lifestyle decisions made commonly by males typically include smoking, diet, sleep, and exercise, all which can have a great …

Menís Health Week June 11 Ė 17

The Storyteller

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of working with an elderly woman. She lived in a community nursing home where I was working as a nurse, while her only daughter was somewhere else, on the other side of the country. She was through and through old fashioned, well dressed and well kept. Iíll …

The Storyteller